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Welcome Mountview!

We are pleased to welcome the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts into the family.

The Academy was founded in 1945 by Peter Coxhead and Ralph Nossek and provides vocational training in acting and musical theatre as well as production arts. In addition to their full-time training, the academy invests in the local community opening its doors to 800 children and young people every year.




The cake was a double chocolate cake with covered with a thin layer of marzipan .


Welcome Curtis!

The Curtis Institute of Music was founded in 1924 in Philadelphia (USA). Initially the institute served mainly as a training ground for orchestral musicians to fill the ranks of the Philadelphia Orchestra. But the courses offered for composers, organists, pianists, guitarists and singers a.o. grew to be an important part of the study program as well.

Curtis’s rare tuition-free policy was established in 1928 and to this day provides merit-based, full-tuition scholarships for all Curtis students. Students continue to be accepted for study at Curtis solely on the basis of their artistic talent and promise.

The Curtis institute has a small student body of about 175. It’s high standard of admissions and their “learn by doing” tuition approach ensures a very individual and unique education.

The Curtis institute is now our 3rd customer in the USA and we are very confident that the family will keep on growing 🙂

The strawberry cake had a vanilla creme filling and was a great fresh start in the (finally!!) sunny springtime.


Welcome Barratt Due!

We are very pleased to welcome the Barratt Due Institution of Music into our family and community. The institution is located in Oslo (Norway) and was founded in 1927 by the pianist Mary Barratt Due and the violonist Henrik Due, and has played an important role in the local music education.

The Barratt Due Institution of Music has different structures under one roof: the Music Kindergarden for infants and children til 5; the Music School for a beginners and advanced level tuition in voice, piano and violin; Young talents, the greenhouse for students under 19; and the Academy for full and part time students aiming for a classical higher Music education.


The Othello-lagkage is named after Shakespeare’s great tragedy Othello. This cake is very popular in Denmark and is the “creme de la creme” of layered cakes. It was delicious! 🙂



ISAE 3000 – Data privacy and data protection!

Data protection and privacy has always been a top priority for the ASIMUT team and we are very focused on protecting our track record in this area.

May 2018 the new EU General Data Protection Regulation enters into effect. This means that institutions within the EU must be able to document that any services they use are operating in accordance with GDPR. In order to facilitate this, ASIMUT is working with BDO to provide an externally audited ISAE-3000 statement of compliance and Bird & Bird as a legal consultant.

We invited our chief auditor Lene Y. Poulsen from BDO to join one of our sessions. She explained what the new regulations mean for us and our clients, told about our compliance work and answered all questions.



Welcome to our new staff member: Dimitri Gogios

We are very happy to welcome our newest member – Dimitri Gogios – to the ASIMUT team.

Dimitri joined the team in March 2018. He has a bachelor’s degree in web development from Lillebaelt Academy and has been developing e-commerce sites since 2010 and later concentrated on large online software systems.

Join us in welcoming Dimitri to the team!

Welcome Norway, welcome Musikkteaterhøyskolen!

We are very glad to welcome our first norwegian client!

The Musikkteaterhøyskolen – The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre  is a school with a sole focus on musical theatre. The school has an ongoing ERASMUS-cooperation with schools in Russia, USA and Germany having a similar course combination. The MTHS is the only NOKUT (Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education – independant expert body under the ministry of Education research) approved college offering a bachelor degree in musical theatre.




The cake (“Elegance”) had a chocolate bottom (with 67% Madagascar chocolate) and was filled with a light vanilla/belgian chocolate creme and a fruit mousse made of blackcurrant, raspberries and blackberries.



We are a Gazelle!

A gazelle company is a high-growth company that has been increasing its revenues by at least 20% annually for four years or more. This growth pace means that the company has effectively more than doubled its revenues over a four-year period.

In Denmark it is a very prestigious title, which shows the company’s ability to create massive growth.

We are very happy and proud that we have been selected and awarded with this prize.


All servers patched against meltdown and spectre

We have been monitoring the situation carefully since news first broke about the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, that affect the vast majority of modern computer systems and could potentially lead to breach of information security. We have been on standby to install patches as soon as they became available for our architecture, and all ASIMUT servers are now patched (Saturday January 6). While the vulnerability is present on the ASIMUT servers (now patched), we are not aware that there is any known technique for exploiting it to compromise the kind of servers we operate, without internal infrastructure access. We thus have no reason to suspect that the vulnerabilities have led to information security breach on any ASIMUT servers. We apologise for the unannounced brief (1-2 minutes) service interruptions that customers may have experienced due to emergency patching and restarting servers.

Welcome our new staff member: Veronika

ASIMUT is proud to welcome our newest employee – Veronika Poulsen – to the team.

Veronika handles Customer Relations for our French clients, and speaks fluent French, German and English, which also allows her to support clients from German and English speaking countries. Veronika has in fact been part of the ASIMUT team since May, so you may have already met her. Veronika also assists the Marketing Department with ongoing projects for the organization.

Outside the office, Vero is a member of different gospel choirs, performing in Denmark and Germany, as well as singing with a few bands as requested.

Join us in welcoming Veronika to the team!

Welcome Melbourne!

The ASIMUT team is very happy and proud to welcome our first Australian client!

The Faculty of Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (Faculty of VCA and MCM) is a faculty of the University of Melbourne, Australia. The VCA-MCM is located near the Melbourne City Centre on two campuses, but will soon move together on the same campus, when the new Ian Potter Southbank Centre building is ready to be the new home for Melbourne Conservatorium of Music from 2019.

The VCA covers courses and training in six academic disciplines: Dance, Film and Television, Music Theatre, Production, Theatre and Visual Art. The MCM is specialised in Music Performance, Composition, Musicology, and more. Both campuses offer graduate programs including certificates and diplomas, and research and coursework awards at the masters and doctoral levels.

To celebrate our new family member, we of course followed our tradition of enjoying a lovely cake – this time with a hint of Down-Under flavor.


The cake was made of white chocolate buns with Belgian chocolate, chocolate mousse with 67% Madagascar Chocolate and Passionfromage.