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ASIMUT in Hong Kong, Hamburg and Copenhagen

The latest ASIMUT implementations leave no doubt: the system is being used by schools of music, drama and arts all over the world. We’ve recently added pins on our world map for ASIMUT in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts), Hamburg (Hamburg University of Music and Drama) and Copenhagen (Visual Arts Schools of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

We’re thrilled to welcome these new schools among our ASIMUT customers and very happy to see them making good use of the system! Of course we had to continue with our company tradition and eat a welcome cake for each and every single one of them.


ASIMUT in Copenhagen ASIMUT in Hamburg ASIMUT in Hong Kong

ASIMUT in Berlin: Implementing at three arts schools

It is our pleasure to announce that we’re currently implementing ASIMUT in Berlin: both Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler, Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch and Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee are now using the system.

This fills us with pride – not only because this is yet another success in Germany. The three schools also represent the whole universe of ASIMUT: covering the field of music (HfM Hanns Eisler), drama (HfS Ernst Busch) and arts (khb Weißensee), their excellent education is of international renown.

We are more than happy to welcome these schools among our ASIMUT customers and are looking forward to a successful cooperation.


ASIMUT in Berlin: HfS ASIMUT in Berlin: HfM ASIMUT in Berlin: khb

ASIMUT in Italy!

The whole team is really proud and happy to announce that Conservatorio di Milano is also part of the ASIMUT family now! The Conservatory is the largest institute of musical education in Italy and it’s also a place with a wide range of cultural activities such as master classes, seminars, orchestras and concerts. Benvenuto, Conservatorio di Milano!


Cake 3 Cake 1 Cake 5

ASIMUT at Athanor Akademie – hello, Germany!

We’re still working hard on getting all the welcome cakes eaten before the end of this year… Something we definitely don’t want to miss out on is welcoming one of our first German customers, Athanor Akademie in Passau! Situated on the hills just above the center of this beautiful Bavarian city, the academy encourages young people to use their talent and creativity in both theater and film. We’re looking very much forward to seeing ASIMUT in action and are very happy about the cooperation.



ASIMUT in Latvia!

Time to celebrate one more client and one more country.
The ASIMUT team is very proud to announce our first client from Latvia! With almost 100 years of existence the Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music has enriched Latvian culture with excellent composers, performers and music theory specialists. The highly professional environment of the Latvian music business has been shaped by excellent professors and talented students of JVLMA.
Welcome to the ASIMUT family, Jazeps Vitols Academy of Music!


cake1  cake5 IMG_5147


Willem de Kooning Academy goes ASIMUT

A lot of customers have joined us during the past months – we’re working hard on getting all those cakes eaten. Here’s one of them, welcoming Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. We’re thrilled that yet another great school in The Netherlands decided to hop on board and are very happy to see ASIMUT being used by so many students and staff over there.


 Cake 2  IMG_1614

ASIMUT latest news!



Have you read the ASIMUT latest news?

New version of the system full of new features and improvements!
And the welcome celebration of our 5th client in The Netherlands.

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ASIMUT latest news!

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New clients in Germany, successful integration with SALTO in Spain and one more client from Ireland! Have you read our latest ASIMUT News?

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New client in The Netherlands!

It is with great pleasure and happiness that we announce our 5th client in The Netherlands! Now it is time to celebrate the arrival of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague – KABK, into the ASIMUT family!

And as it would be already expected, a delicious celebration cake was shared with the whole team!
The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague prepares students to become self-aware artists and designers who make a significant contribution to their discipline and to society with their passion, profundity and experimental attitude. Also being the oldest academy of art in the country, the school exudes the sense of creativity, innovation and professionalism.

Welcome KABK! We are looking forward to starting our partnership!


KABK 276 KABK 283 KABK 285 KABK 287

Royal Irish Academy of Music, welcome!!

Another welcome cake celebration in ASIMUT!

Now, it’s time to welcome the Royal Irish Academy of Music, our second client from Ireland.

The Academy was founded in 1848 and it is Ireland’s oldest music institution. The teaching staff includes many international prizewinners, members of National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra. Today, with recently established higher education courses, the Academy is in turn able to offer the finest Irish musical training to students from all corners of the world.

The team is very happy and proud to have RIAM as one of our clients! Welcome to the ASIMUT family!


IMG_1557 IMG_1560 IMG_1637 IMG_1638