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ASIMUT upgrade with new features, Singapore gets a pin in our world map, ASIMUT selected among successful companies and what changes during the summer holidays  – here’s a summary of the latest news:

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A few more hours…

Here we are, just a few more hours to wait before the launch of

We would like to give a special thank today to Mr David Daniels with whom we have been working on this tremendous adventure since October the 8th of 2013 ! Neither the north Sea or the Atlantic Ocean didn’t stop us  so far.

Today we are relieved and proud of such a work together as a team. Thanks to our Tenor developer John Kjøller for his great job through the last few months in order to make it come true.



Launching Daniels Orchestral Online


We are very happy to announce that the brand new website of David Daniels’ standard reference book for the orchestra world, Daniels’ Orchestral Music (Rowman & Littlefield) is about to come to life !

Get ready! the launch is only 5 days away…

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ASIMUT latest news!


ASIMUT first client in Italy, new Danish phone number and more information about our User Group Meeting in Barcelona!

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ASIMUT 2.19 is out

The latest ASIMUT upgrade provides you with a lot of handy features and enhancements, such as advanced editing functions for arrangements and events, the introduction of tags and many more. See what to expect in our video.

ASIMUT latest news!



Have you read the ASIMUT latest news?

New version of the system full of new features and improvements!
And the welcome celebration of our 5th client in The Netherlands.

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ASIMUT is opening doors!

We successfully completed the integration between ASIMUT and the automatic door system SALTO at the Conservatori Liceu, in Spain. Now students and professors automatically receive permission to open the rooms they have booked in ASIMUT. The whole integration process was challenging but also very rewarding! It’s always important to accomplish new milestones, but even more important is to be able to deliver our clients’ special requests. If you would like any further information concerning the integration, please contact us.

News concerning the ASIMUT app


There’s good news regarding the ASIMUT app: jQuery Mobile is the technology it is based on, and we have been waiting eagerly for the next version to appear, with promises of better performance and features.

Now we have a release candidate to work with, so stay tuned for a new and improved version of the ASIMUT app – coming soon!

You can find the details about jQuery mobile 1.4.0 here:

ASIMUT in Swedish and Welsh


Thanks to the great help of Operahögskolan and Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, you can now also use ASIMUT in Swedish and Welsh.

Also, we have added a little treat for our users in the US: you can now choose American English instead of British English.

You will find all the available languages by clicking on “My preferences” (public interface) or on “ASIMUT > User settings” (admin interface). Enjoy!

ASIMUT version 2.17 is available now

The brand new ASIMUT version 2.17 has now been released. All of our clients will be upgraded as soon as possible, so everybody can benefit from the features and improvements in the new version. Here’s a selection of what you will find in your ASIMUT system after the upgrade:

ASIMUT Mobile Interface

  • The mobile interface is now being used in a beta version by selected clients
  • Admin Interface

  • The menu stays fixed at the top of the screen when you are scrolling down
  • Your user interface scales to use the full height of your window
  • When editing an event, the location search now highlights available locations
  • Event Management Module

  • Info messages will be locked while another user is editing
  • You can now filter events by category in the “Upcoming events” overview
  • For a complete list of all the improvements please go to the post in the ASIMUT forum here.

    By the way: Have you checked out the new slicing function in the admin interface? This clever tool allows you to slice big block bookings into several smaller slots with just one click.