GSMD celebrates ASIMUT launch with puddings

“ASIMUT is here!” – who strolled through the halls of Guildhall School of Music & Drama yesterday could see happy faces everywhere. After an internal phase of testing and getting used to the system, the official launch of ASIMUT at the school was celebrated with 650 puddings – is there any better way to celebrate?

From now on, all students and staff at the famous school are going to use ASIMUT on a daily basis, and we hope they will remember the delicious taste of puddings whenever they log on to the system. Congratulations to Guildhall on a successful ASIMUT launch!

Launch of ASIMUT at GSMD

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  • Mads
    wrote this on Apr 25, 2013 21:55

    Thanks for your enthusiasm – you are a great crowd and I had a wonderful time implementing ASIMUT at the Guildhall School! I am looking forward to visiting next time I’m in London – even if you did eat all the puddings…

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